JobPro. It’s a new necessity.

Paradigm shift is what every human is experiencing nowadays. Ironically, time on one’s hand has to be given up as life advances everyday. With work piling up and deadlines to meet, you get exhausted at the end of the day. When you do, ignorance and procrastination come to mind in exchange for having your own personal time. In this case, the most brilliant way to have your own “moment of Zen” is to cut corner, even for the tasks you have waiting for you at home. There are always things to fix at home or at the office. Sometimes, we really wish that we can clone ourselves to have more hands to get things done.

But by having more hands, can we really get things done?

We still need the skills and knowledge from crackerjacks to do what needs to be done properly and the most importantly is suiting our demand. Getting the right person to complete the task is another challenge and often time-consuming. Imagine, you have to spend days or perhaps weeks to find the right home service Professional. Imagine, all the frustrations. You have to call your friends, your uncles, asking for recommendations. As your friend responds, they will refer to another friend. It’s a long and slow process, but still there is no assurance in getting the right person on time.

Then, you start to search online and there you will get all sorts of results where you need to filter your candidates out or contact them one by one. When your effort be of no avail, you will go out and drive to a nearby shop area, looking out for advertisements and if you are lucky, you will find the shop that provides the needed services. So, now you have found it. Next, you just learned that the Professional is not available nor can they attend to your needs immediately. Yep, you need to make appointments. And what about the price? Is this person worth paying for? Frustrations, costs and uncertainties will eventually affect your normal routine in getting things done.

Imagine the headache… The hassle…

This, is where JobPro comes in handy.

What is JobPro? JobPro is a convenient home service outsourcing app and your home’s best friend. With JobPro, you can find and hire local service Professionals for the tasks you’ve been putting off at home. As a start, JobPro offers you 10 of the most requested home services from local and carefully-vetted service providers. By submitting a job on JobPro app, your request will be forwarded to every registered service providers in town. Before hiring a Professional of your own choosing, you can view their profiles, their ratings, past user reviews and chat with them after hiring – all in the app!

To request home services as a customer, you will need to download JobPro app for consumers. Once you’ve downloaded the app, proceed to signing up. It’s quite easy as long as you have a mobile number. After signing up, you’ll be directed to the homepage showcasing all the services you can choose. Having difficulties describing your problems or not sure what to say on your service request? Rest easy. Every service in JobPro has a specific set of questions that will help you to break down and define your requirements, including your service address and time slot. By completing the set of questions, your request will be forwarded to all relevant service providers in town, for free.

Yes. For free.

Request a service – done ✓. Next, you will need to hire (upah) a service provider (Pro) from the app to get the job done. The Pro you hire will arrive at your home on the service day as per your scheduled date and time slot.

Hire a Pro – done ✓. Once your Pro has arrived and completed the job, you can pay your Pro using cash if “COD” is your thing. You can even pay online in-app if you don’t have cash with you. After your Pro has confirmed that the payment has been received, all you’ve got to do now is rate your Pro and leave your review. That’s it, it’s that simple!

Job completed, pay your Pro and leave a review – all done ✓.

For businesses and freelancers, JobPro will become your partner in transforming the conventional ways of doing business and assist you in reaching new leads, new customers, every day. JobPro is a user-friendly platform, it is for everyone, anytime, anywhere as long as you have your Internet connection.

Simply put, JobPro is the new necessity.