6 things you MUST know before buying an AirCond unit

AirConds are a must-have in a tropical climate or countries where the weather can be unmercifully hot. In Sarawak, especially during certain parts of the year, AirConds keep us out of the haze by cleaning and purifying the air using their air filters. Buying an AirCond is no doubt a huge investment. Therefore, it is vital to know what you’re paying for before you spend your hard-earned money on one. The numerous brands and models available in the market can be quite confusing, but we break it down into 6 things that you must know before putting down a deposit.

2. The Horsepower.

The Rule of Thumb states that the cooling capacity of AirConds increases with the size of the space to be cooled. In other words, you need an AirCond with suitable Horsepower (HP) depending on the size of your room for effective cooling.

Area to be cooled (sq. m.)(Kilojoules Per Hour)Estimated HP Rating

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Keep in mind that consulting an AirCond expert is crucial before making any purchase. They can assess your requirements and give recommendations for you. This can help you decide the most suitable AirCond to buy, with suitable HP. An AirCond with a higher HP can cool a room quicker compared to one with a lower HP, given the size of room to be cooled is similar. This however does not mean that a higher HP is always the best option, especially when considering other factors such as energy efficiency.

2. The Type.

You also need find out which type or AirCond will be perfect for your home or office. There are generally 2 main types of AirConds available:

i. Split-type or wall mounted AirCond (in JobPro, we call this simply as “Wall unit AirCond”).

  • Commonly used at homes.
  • This AirCond system comes with one indoor unit mounted on the inside of your house and one outdoor compressor unit mounted outside, hence the term “split-type”.
  • For the best cooling performance, the indoor unit should be mounted approximately 7-8 feet above the floor for a room with 10 feet ceiling height.

Cassette Ceiling Mounted AirCond

ii. Cassette Ceiling Mounted AirCond.

  • Suitable for big houses or offices with high ceilings.
  • This set comes with 2 separate parts. The indoor unit will be ‘planted’ inside the ceiling.
  • NOTE THAT it may seem as if the slim panel can blend in with the ceiling, but the back part is usually 70 cm in thickness.
  • Minimum ceiling height for this type of AirCond unit is 10 feet.

3. Usage Pattern.

Try to find out your usage pattern. How many hours do you plan to use your AirCond in a day? Will you be using it through the year or during specific periods only (say Christmas or Gawai family gatherings)? How many people do you expect will be in the room when the AirCond is used?

For a considerably wide and vacant space amid the day, it is rather common for people to purchase an AirCond unit with a greater HP. An AirCond unit with a size of 2 HP would require a shorter time to cool a room compared to one with 1.5 HP. Still, it is best that you know your usage pattern as AirConds with high HP tend to consume more energy. Having a higher HP AirCond that is able to cool your space quicker is favourable, but on excessive use, the energy consumption can turn out to be quite costly. That is why when it comes to choosing the best “value for money” AirConds, usage pattern is an important factor for you to consider. Otherwise, you will most likely have your AirCond underutilized.

It is a smart move to look for AirConds that are more energy efficient. By knowing your usage pattern and budget, you will be able to decide the balance between HP and energy efficiency in choosing the right AirCond that will suit your needs.

4. Energy Efficiency Label.

As stated on The Energy Commission of Malaysia’s website,

All manufacturer and importers of the following products: television, refrigerator, domestic fan and air conditioner, must affix the Energy Efficiency Label onto the products before it can be sold to the customer.

AirCond Energy Consumption Label

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Look for the stars when purchasing a new AirCond unit. More stars means more energy saving!

5. Features.

After choosing your preferred AirCond type and size, the fun part begins. It’s time to get to the features. Modern technology has made keeping cooled at home easier than ever and while fancy features usually come with a price, they might be well worth it. Would you care for these fancy features? Or nah, as long as the cooling works, you’ll be fine? Depending on your budget and needs, it’s up to you to decide.

Some features in modern day AirConds:

Presence sensor   
That’s right, detecting somebody’s presence in the room. Some AirConds have built-in sensors capable of detecting if someone is in the room and if the room is vacant. The AirCond unit can adjust its temperature and cooling power accordingly to save energy. Some AirConds are even capable of directing air towards detected presences so they don’t have to work hard to keep you cooled.
Adjustable louvers   
Louvers are blade-like attachments on the air outlet of the unit. Many models of AirConds are capable of rotating these louvers to better spread the air throughout the room or to focus the air in a particular direction.
Dehumidifier mode   
Almost all AirConds have these basic functions: auto, cool, heat and fan. However, only certain models have a dehumidifier option. Dehumidifiers remove moisture in the air, thus reducing humidity in an energy efficient manner. This is very useful in places with high humidity.
Sleep Mode   

Sleep mode allows the AirCond unit to gently adjust the room temperature to keep you comfortable while you sleep.

6. Installation.

The performance of AirConds usually depends on the installation. Unless your air conditioning system is portable, all AirConds must be installed by a licensed professional or installer who is qualified to handle refrigerants. This ensures everything is done properly and safely, thus making you remain covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Most good AirCond outlets also offer an installation service which can often be bundled with the unit purchase for a discounted price. However, this may not always be the cheapest option. You can still look around for an installer and get a few quotes before making your decision. Better yet, you can just download JobPro app to make your effort in finding the best installer a lot easier! In JobPro, we provide only verified and carefully-vetted Professionals for you to hire for your installation. You can be sure you are getting one of the best available installers in town.